Opposites Attract: Odd Couples on Film

That bittersweet, neurotic, and utterly charming look at love — Annie Hallarrives on Blu-ray today. Woody Allen’s 1977 film is one most of us can identify with, especially when it comes to all the anticipation, insecurities, and uncertainties of a new relationship. Although Allen’s self-conscious, irksome nebbish Alvy Singer shares some qualities with Diane Keaton’s titular character, the divide between them eventually grows too wide to persist. We wanted to examine other odd couples on film, with an eye toward the pairings that made it work. Check out our picks past the break, and share your opposites in love votes below.


Harold and Maude 

There is no lovelier May-December romance than that of Harold and Maude. The darkly comedic story about a morbid and miserable young man consumed by his blue blood trappings and the nearly 80-year-old wild woman he falls in love with is as uplifting as it is heartbreaking. Harold’s obsessed with death, but learns to embrace life through Maude — one of the coolest manic pixie dream girls in cinematic history.