Monstrous Versions of Pop Culture Icons

Artist Alex Pardee did his part in the protests against the SOPA/PIPA bills. He created a monster savvy series of artworks titled Icans. At first, the name seems like a weird play on the word “icons.” After all, Pardee creates disfigured versions of pop culture notables like Fred Flinstone and Batman. He explains on his blog, however, that the Icans series humorously speaks to the recent piracy act controversy:

” … Whether SOPA passes or not, I will continue to take any licensed character, or pop culture icon and do whatever I want with it for art’s sake, because ICAN. Also, I just want to conduct an ongoing experiment to see if ICAN take any cool icon from pop culture and make it way shittier by “re-imagining” it. So far, much like Hollywood does most of the time, the experiment is a super fun success!”

Hit the jump for bloated, but loveable, versions of Garfield and other pop culture friends — who we suspect would explode like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man if we squished them with love.

Image credit: Alex Pardee [Spotted via thaeger]

Image credit: Alex Pardee

Image credit: Alex Pardee

Image credit: Alex Pardee

Image credit: Alex Pardee

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