The Most Hilariously Humiliating Uniforms on Film and TV

Have you ever had to dress like a banana for your family’s business? Or like a pirate to deliver a clamwich? Or like an omelet because you’re Justin Timberlake? Every now and then, our favorite film and TV characters will find themselves with some truly unappealing occupations. Whether it’s flipping burgers at a themed fast food joint or gathering golf balls at a driving range, these fictional work situations typically involve greedy bosses, rude teenagers, and — of course — embarrassing uniforms. Check out a collection of awesomely awful film and TV uniforms after the jump, then hit the comments to let us know your favorites.

Captain Hook Fish and Chips, Fast Times at Ridgemont High

There’s nothing like a good ol’ pirate uniform, eh? In Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Brad Hamilton finds himself swashbuckling his way around Captain Hook Fish and Chips, but abruptly quits when an ’80s babe laughs at his getup on a delivery run. Fun fact: That babe was Nancy Wilson. Barracudas and pirates are both nautical, so you’d think she’d be into it.