The Most and Least Dateable Sexy Supernatural Teens

Once upon a time, monsters were vile creatures to be abhorred and vanquished. Now they’re love interests for teen romances instead, which has left them considerably less scary than they once were. If old-school non-sparkly vampires and aliens were real and you wanted to get down and dirty with one of them, how much danger would you actually be in? To answer that question, we ranked some of our favorite B-movie tropes from most to least desirable.


Other than getting freakishly hairy for a couple of days every month, these guys are basically pretty tame. All you really need to do is lock them up during the full moon so they don’t horribly maim anybody and then you’re good to go. Besides, who’s more loyal than a canine companion? It’d be like having man’s best friend in your man.

Best Teen Example: Scott McCall from MTV’S Teen Wolf, played by the tall, dark, and curly-haired Tyler Posey. He’s the co-captain of his lacrosse team, so dating him would definitely be a huge advantage in the high-school social scene.