Brutally Honest Posters for Oscar-Nominated Films

The Academy Awards tend to elevate the films they honor — in light of their fresh nominations, The Help feels somehow less racially problematic and we all begin to wonder whether there could actually be something to Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, beyond its unpleasant, quadruple-gimmick (Hanks! Bullock! Adorable child! 9/11!) sales pitch. Of course, most of this second-guessing is pointless; the Academy’s taste is far from infallible, to put it mildly. So, it’s nice to see that UK site The Shiznit has decided to take this year’s nominees down a peg, remixing their posters into brutally honest (and, OK, sometimes slightly unfair) characterizations of the movies’ content. A gallery of our favorites is after the jump, but be sure to visit The Shiznit to see the rest.

Image credit: The Shiznit [Spotted via Dangerous Minds]