10 ‘Alice in Wonderland’-Inspired Tales on Film

With Alice in Wonderland author Lewis Carroll’s birthday on the horizon, we wanted to follow a few films down the rabbit hole and explore some of the fantasy worlds portrayed in the Victorian-era novel. Ignoring the recent blockbuster monstrosity that is Tim Burton’s movie, we ventured into the pool of tears, got advice from a caterpillar, and attended a mad tea party to find out what movies explore the same kinds of themes that the English author made synonymous with phantasmagorical adventures and self-discovery. Check out our gallery of Alice-inspired cinema past the break, and tell us your picks in the comments below.


Mixing low-fi weirdsies with a live action actress, and his signature stop-motion animated creatures, surreal visionary Jan Svankmajer created a bizarre version of the famed Carroll story in his 1988 movie, Alice. Brain-meltingly strange and often terrifying, the Czech filmmaker uses a slew of grotesque, visceral imagery to emphasize Carroll’s morbid tinges of tragedy. It’s magical to watch Svankmajer’s uncanny juxtaposition of living, breathing things and the imaginary. (See: Alice’s menacing stuffed rabbit with ferocious teeth and bleeding wounds.)