The 10 Most Iconic Accessories of Famous Authors

Authors are a strange, particular bunch, with often weird habits and distinctive manners of dress. Marcel Proust, apparently, was so fond of his velveteen gloves that he wore them to bed (perhaps to preserve his smooth smooth hands), and countless authors have affected capes, walking sticks, and various other accoutrements worthy of acclaim. Some, however, have become icons in their own right, inextricably linked to their authors (and thus all the easier for turning into Halloween costumes). We love a good pipe, so we’ve collected some of the most iconic author accessories of all time — click through to see our picks, and let us know if we’ve missed your favorite writerly hat, hair clip, or affectation in the comments.

Vladimir Nabokov’s butterfly net

“Literature and butterflies,” Nabokov famously said, “are the two sweetest passions known to man.” It’s well known that Nabokov was an avid lepidopterist who would take his net out to the countryside to snag the insects to add to his collection. In fact, just last year, some of his professional ideas about butterfly evolution, long scoffed at as the ideas of an amateur by scientists, were vindicated. Now that’s what we call a man of many talents.