The ABC’s of Drug Slang: A Psychedelic Children’s Book

If a close friend says he’s been spending a whole lot of evenings with his Aunt Nora lately, it might be time to worry — not about the poor, elderly lady’s health, but that your buddy might actually have a cocaine problem. And a date with Lucy, as the Beatles reminded us, may well be an acid trip. But the name that really really raises a red flag is Sweet Jesus, aka heroin. These are only a few of the slang terms you’ll learn (or revisit) in The ABC’s of Drugs, a book created for a class assignment by School of Visual Arts student Melanie Chernock, which she describes as “essentially Toy Story on drugs.” In our favorite pages, after the jump, you’ll see Buddha figurines smoking marijuana mixed with opium, glittery troll dolls clutching disco balls, and Tigger as you’ve never seen him before; visit Chernock’s online portfolio for more.

Image credit: Melanie Chernock [Spotted via Complex]