Ridiculous Comic Books Featuring Famous People

Had enough of costume-clad superheroes? A Vancouver-based comic book company called Bluewater Productions specializes in biography books about everyone from Steve Jobs to Stephenie Meyer. When we heard of their plans to release a Saturday Night Live-inspired book in March, we were curious to see some more celebrities, politicians, and historical figures in comic form. What we found is pretty weird, to say the least.

The Not Ready for Prime-Time Players

The upcoming Bluewater bio-comic isn’t the first time that SNL has been memorialized in comics. During the heyday of the original ’70s cast, Jim Belushi, Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, and the rest of the Not Ready for Prime-Time Players met Spider-Man in an extremely trippy one-shot comic by Marvel, in which Belushi accidentally summons a real samurai and then Spider-Man has to defeat him. Also, Bill Murray has a giant hammer for some reason.