10 Essential Party Promotion Lessons from Bad Rave Flyers

Here at Flavorpill HQ, we’ve spent the past hour or so in hysterics thanks to the absolutely brilliant Bad Rave Flyers, which we spotted via Dangerous Minds. The blog is exactly what the title suggests — a collection of hilariously terrible flyers for warehouse parties, club nights, and various other poorly defined events. While we’re tempted to simply point and laugh, we’d be remiss not to point out that the site doubles as a crash course in how to not to promote a party. After the jump, we’ve collected the best of the worst Bad Rave Flyers and reflected on what we can learn from them.

1. Take one thing off… or, you know, 20

Photoshopping a flyer is sort of like assembling an outfit, so it makes sense that stylists’ favorite cliché — “take one thing off” — applies to party promotion, too. In the case of the remarkable, multi-layered specimen above, the vodka bottle could definitely go. Or that cluster of white-background logos. Or the busy, clip-art jumping girl. Or the swirly, barf-colored background. Or the boxy, candid shots of… are those guys the DJs?