Classifying Cinema’s Scariest Women

Hammer Films is a Gothic horror legend, thanks to their tremendous output during the ’70s. The company is back in full swing today, adding the upcoming Woman in Black to their prolific and chilling library. Mr. Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, is starring in the adaptation of the 1983 ghost tale by Susan Hill, which hits theaters on February 3. He plays a young lawyer who is sent to a remote English village where dark secrets and a mysterious woman haunt him. It’s a throwback tale reminiscent of Hammer’s classic supernatural stories.

We felt inspired by Hammer’s timeless take on the ghostly woman to explore other “women in black” — cinema’s clichéd, frightful feminine figures. Since February is also Women in Horror Month, what better way to celebrate than checking out some of film’s “scariest” female character types? Click through for more, and share your picks below.


The Obsessed Woman

When she’s not boiling your pet rabbit for ignoring her calls (Fatal Attraction), she’s breaking your legs with a sledgehammer (Misery), or creepily pretending to be you and sleeping with your boyfriend (Single White Female). Far too often incited by a jilted love affair, the obsessed woman’s infatuation is usually based on an imagined connection that feels warm and fuzzy to her, but let’s face it: she’s insane.