The Evolution of American Cereal Box Design

We’re always fascinated by the way advertising and product design has evolved over the years, so we were excited to see this roundup of cereal box evolution over at Retronaut. Like so many other design aesthetics, cereal boxes have gotten smoother, more “3-d” and more, well, ecstatic across the board — characters who used to smile contentedly now invariably have their mouths wide open in wild excitement at the sugary flakes they are about to consume. The colors have become garishly bright (though in some cases, we admit, more appealing), and everything is just so much shinier. To us, the character development is the most interesting — we love seeing the 1950’s Tony the Tiger, who has morphed from a friendly-looking, almost shy cat into a striped pseud0-bodybuilder. Click through to see a few of our favorites, and then be sure to head over to Retronaut for even more.

Fruit Loops, 1963 to now