Adorable Photos of Pets Waiting in Windows

Because of our tendency to anthropomorphize dogs and cats, whenever we spot someone’s pet hanging out in a window, we always imagine that it’s anxiously awaiting the return of its owner — you know, as opposed to just chilling out in a comfortable roost. Perhaps that’s why we find the images in Fishbowl, a series by San Diego-based graphic designer and photographer Rachel Bellinsky, so compelling in spite of the relative simplicity of the concept.

“You would not believe how many of these shots I see and miss because I don’t have my camera,” she told Feature Shoot. “The other day I saw a tiny kitten hanging from the curtains as I passed by, and my lack of camera at that moment was criminal. There is an animal in nearly every window of my neighborhood.” Click through for a selection of photos from the series, and visit Bellinsky’s Flickr page to view the entire project.

Photo credit: Rachel Bellinsky