Essential Tumblrs for Film Fans

Evolving from a small, experimental community into a widely used network with some of the best content on the web, Tumblr has quickly proven its worth. For the film lover, there is a vast array of high quality content ranging from behind the scenes thoughts on the moviemaking process, to cinematic art and gorgeous film stills, and creatively curated takes on favorite celluloid moments. We’ve compiled a list of a few essential Tumblrs that cineastes should thoroughly enjoy. See what insightful, inspiring, and fun blogs we’ve shared after the jump, and tell us about your favorite Tumblrs below.


The Criterion Collection

You’ve already picked up copies of Branded to Kill, Belle de Jour, Godzilla, and La Jetée/Sans Soleil on Blu-ray — prioritizing Criterion’s new releases ahead of your student loans and possibly your rent — so you should probably be following the much-loved distribution company’s brand new Tumblr. Related Tumblrs for Criterion junkies worth your time: Criterion CornerCriterionCast, and Fake Criterions.