Hilarious and Informative Condensed Video Versions of Famous Pop-Culture Franchises

In today’s media-saturated market, who has time to invest in watching and reading everything out there? Not us — and we assume that we devote more time to pop-culture consumption than most. But you don’t have to feel left out of your friends’ conversations about Harry Potter, Doctor Who, or even The Bold and the Beautiful. Luckily, there’s a way to catch up the  television shows, movies, and other classics that everybody’s talking about — and it’s much more fun than reading the summaries on Wikipedia. We’ve put together some of our favorite video condensations of famous franchises to keep you up to date.

Harry Potter in 60 Seconds

Every year Virgin Radio Canada hosts a “Fake Film Fest” where listeners submit 60-second versions of their favorite films. Our favorite thing about this entry for the entire Harry Potter series? There are two different guys who play Dumbledore, just like in the real movies. Click here to vote for it if you liked it.