A Selection of Ridiculous Movies About Nazis

Now that Iron Sky, a Finnish science fiction comedy about Nazis from the moon, has a release date and a new trailer out, it’s got us wondering: why do Nazis remain so popular as villains, anyway? We understand that there need to be Nazis in movies about the Holocaust and World War II, but they also end up in a whole lot of B movies that have nothing to do with that time period. After the jump, we explore some of their strangest and most apparently random film appearances.

Iron Sky (2012)

Let’s start with the obvious and most recent example, which, as you might have read, has a complicated production history involving crowdsourcing and public funding. Now finally completed, Iron Sky tells the story of defeated German Nazis who flee to the dark side of the moon in 1945, construct a space fleet, and then return to Earth in 2018 to exact their revenge. Also, apparently Sarah Palin is president. Great.