10 Wonderful Love Stories Told in Unconventional Ways

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and if you’re like us, you’re feeling a little bogged down by all the red hearts and pink balloons — not to mention the swooning romantic novels popping up everywhere. If you’re feeling like a love story on this most ruddy of holidays, but looking for something a little different, we’ve got you covered. Click through for our list of our favorite unconventional love stories — told through diagrams, musical notation or some other interesting format — and let us know if we’ve left off your favorite in the comments.

Schematics: a Love Story, Julian Hibbard

A love story told in geometric diagrams paired with simple, searching lines of prose and all printed on black cardboard, this book probes at how elemental and enormous love can feel, as well as how minute and specific. As David LaRocca writes in the afterword, “Schematics operates simultaneously on two distinctive registers: the deeply personal (a love story between the narrator and the objects of his affection, desire, and confusion) and the profoundly anonymous (a love story within matter — subject to gravity, magnetism, genetics, mechanics, electricity, and the space-time continuum.”