Strange and Beautiful Portraits of a Mother and Daughter’s Evolving Relationship

Photographer Viktoria Sorochinski began this project in 2005, when the young 23-year-old mother and the 3-year-old daughter’s bond was most dramatic. “It was often hard to tell who held the power and control between the two, and who was learning the essence of being a human in this world,” she writes. So, she brought out the co-dependent and child-like nature of both through folk tale-influenced, phantasmagoric scenes. As time passed, both grew and the young child drifted off into an imaginary world of her own. The dynamics of this changing relationship come to life in a beautiful series Anna & Eve, currently on view through February 25 at the Courtesy Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago. See the series in our slideshow — part documentary, part enchanted family album.

Viktoria Sorochinski, Attachment, 2006. Courtesy Catherine Edelman Gallery