Know Your Evil Movie Cops

Rampart, Owen Moverman’s tough urban drama featuring Woody Harrelson as a somewhat less than principled LA police officer, goes into limited release tomorrow (following a brief Oscar-qualification run in November), and while the movie itself is pretty good, we must take some exception to its bold poster and trailer tag line: “The most corrupt cop you’ve ever seen on screen.” Well, that is a might tall claim. After the jump, we’ll run down ten previous movie cops who could give Harrelson’s Dave Brown a run for his money.

“Dirty” Harry Calahan, the Dirty Harry movies
IN A NUTSHELL: San Francisco vigilante with a badge.
CRIMES: Frequent use of unnecessary force, a somewhat less than reverential view of due process, overuse of the whispered growl.
EVIL RATING: 1. Sure, he kills 45 people over the course of the five films in the series, appointing himself judge, jury, and executioner, but hey — at least they were all criminals! (We hope.)