Surreal Street-Art Notes Are the Best Things You’ll Read All Day

Lost pets. Stoop sales. Guitar teachers for hire. Noise complaints from neighbors. And that just about covers the kinds of notes we tend to see posted in public places. But art conspirators Jody Barton and Luke Pommersheim are gleefully disrupting that dull tradition with their own set of notices, printed on plain, white paper and taped up in Copenhagen. Each message makes a surreal request — “While stripping off wallpaper in my new apartment, I found a tiny door. I can only get my head through but it seems to lead to some sort of ‘kasbar’ or Moroccan haberdashers. There is incense and silks. Are you small (and nimble) — less than 150 cm? We’ll share the spoils” — and then directs the reader to show up in a given place at a set time. Click through to see the notes, and let us know what you think will become of anyone who takes Barton and Pommersheim up on their invitaitons in the comments.

Image credit: Jody Barton and Luke Pommersheim [Spotted via Booooooom]