A Very Twee Valentine’s Day: 10 Indie Pop Love and Heartbreak Songs

Twee pop may seem an obvious go-to for a Valentines Day playlist, with its reputation for painfully sweet melodies and lyrics coupled with cutesy instrumentation and aesthetics. However, as we’ve explained before, this genre isn’t just Zooey Deschanel and heart-shaped sugar cookies. With this playlist for your indie-pop Valentine’s Day, we’ve rounded up the best twee music both for basking in love and wallowing in heartbreak — or, you know, just telling it all to go to hell. As with all music in this genre, whatever the subject, if it’s not making you feel at least a bit warm and fuzzy, it should start looking for new work.

The Lucksmiths — “Sunlight in a Jar”

This song encompasses pretty much anything you could want from a twee love song — it’s self-referential, self-deprecating, has clever lyrics and an irresistible melody. It’s one of our favorite Lucksmiths songs (and that’s saying a lot), due in part to typically brilliant lines, i.e. “like a self help manual that’s been written in braille/ It seems the more that we touch the more we learn about our failings,” but our adoration is sealed by the fact that we can’t listen to it without smiling. We wish there were more songs like this one, that admit that even good relationships aren’t a fix-all for life’s problems, but with “complex completely credible love” you can count on occasional moments of pure joy.