An Essential Post-Breakup Reading List

So, maybe Valentine’s Day didn’t go too well for you, or you’ve been in the doghouse for a while, and it’s finally the end. What to do? Well, if you’re anything like us, you’ll look for solace in a book, of course. For those of you who had a less than successful Valentine’s Day (or any day, for that matter), we’ve put together an essential post-breakup reading list, to help you get through the hard times. After all, a book can do almost everything a significant other can — give you companionship, make you laugh, and make you look cool at parties — but er, don’t try to cuddle with it. We have options for every kind of relationship mourner — those who like to wallow, those who need a little fictional guidance, those who need an attitude adjustment, and those who want to forget the whole thing entirely and focus on something else. Click through to read our reading list for the lonely hearted, and let us know which books have gotten you through the break up blues in the comments!

Home Land, Sam Lipsyte

This book is made up of a series of letters to a high school alumni newsletter, sent in by the newly single Lewis Miner, otherwise known as “Teabag,” whose life, as he puts it, “did not pan out.” One of the very funny Lipsyte’s very funniest works, you’ll laugh, you’ll commiserate, you’ll thank the stars you’re not washing dishes for your dad’s catering business. And hey, maybe you’ll get an idea as to how to get out all your post-breakup angst — writing letters to your old high school classmates. We can’t recommend it, though.