Amazing Photos of Shattering Figurines Caught Mid-Explosion

We’re imagining that at this point in a certain holiday that will not be name-checked in this post, there might be some of you out there who are craving catharsis. For that, we suggest the work of German artist Matin Klimas — especially if you were a fan of those mind-blowing photos of exploding food that we posted a few weeks back. His “temporary sculptures” — photos snapped at the exact moment that a porcelain figurine crashes to the floor — are not a celebration of destruction, as he explained to The Morning News, but rather, a study in transformation.

“The hardest part of my work is to smash so many figurines until I find one that truly is showing me something new,” Klimas says. “I am in that sense a sculptor, but I have only a 5000th of a second to build my sculpture.” Fascinating, right? Click through for a selection of images from his Porcelain Figurines series, and let us know in the comments if they make you want to wreak havoc on some old lady’s curio cabinet.

Photo credit: © Martin Klimas. Spotted via PetaPixel