TV’s 10 Greatest Co-Star Reunions

Fellow TV geeks, we have a future of several possibly great former co-star reunions ahead of us. Namely, we can look forward to West Wing alums Rob Lowe and Bradley Whitford on Parks and Rec in March (although it’s yet to be confirmed the two will actually cross paths), David Schwimmer and Lisa Kudrow on Web Therapy this summer, and even John Goodman and Roseanne Barr on her forthcoming show Downwardly Mobile. And if you’re looking for just one reason to justify Are You There, Chelsea?, it’s the Laura Prepon/Wilmer Valderrama  hook-up expected later this month. So while you wait just a short while longer for the That ’70s Show Season 3 faux Fez-Donna date to become a reality, allow us to offer some healthy distraction as we reminisce about memorable co-star reunions in TV history. Exploitative ratings gimmick, genius, or both? We’ll let you be the judge, and as always, please share your personal favorites in the comments.

Childrens Hospital: Party Down catering makes first stop in hypothetical reunion tour

Party Down fans still undergoing withdrawal were in for a treat this past fall when Lizzy Caplan, Martin Starr, and Ryan Hansen reunited with their former castmates on Childrens Hospital for Glenn’s adult bar mitzvah. Although the stint was fleeting, they crammed in a lot for 30 seconds: Roman slaps Kyle, Lydia gives racist mother advice, and Ron and Casey have a cell-phone power struggle. Which means the only reunion stops left for Party Down catering are Parks and Rec (where we did see Adam Scott share a scene with his Party Down co-star Martin Starr a few weeks ago), every other show Megan Mullally is on, Glee, and New Girl before Lizzy Caplan’s wonderful guest arc ends.