‘Seinfood’: Art Inspired by the Food on ‘Seinfeld’

“I’ve been watching Seinfeld since I was a kid. It never gets old or stops being funny to me, and when you look back at the canon of Seinfeld, so many episodes center around food in a hilarious way,” says Rinee Shah, the artist/designer/animator behind Seinfood, a series of stylish illustrations inspired by the sitcom’s many food-related story lines. “I’ve done my best to cover as many as I could and I had a great time doing it.” For everyone who’s ever preached, “Look to the cookie!,” cracked up at the mere sight of a marble rye, or knows what Beefareeno is, Seinfood is sure to bring back some hilarious memories. Bay Area fans can check out the show in person at San Francisco’s Pot + Pantry, where it opens tomorrow and will run through March 10th. In the mean time, peruse a preview of the series after the jump, and consider purchasing a delightfully affordable print here.

Rinee Shah, Marble Rye. Courtesy of the artist.