Gay Best Friends in Pop Culture Who Need Better Friends

Despite some encouraging recent advances, gay and lesbian characters remain underrepresented in mainstream media, and the ones who do appear tend to have it pretty rough. Even in 2012, many still get assigned to the role of “Gay Best Friend Who Advises and Comforts the Straight Female Lead,” where they’re very clever and very supportive and don’t get to have personal lives of their own. The lesbians, meanwhile, always seem to be the characters that really terrible things happen to all the time. Here’s a list of some of queer best friends in pop culture who need to make some better friends. If you’ve got any you’d like to share, list them in the comments!

Damian, Mean Girls

Listen, we love Mean Girls as much as the next person, but does Damian actually do anything but be inappropriately funny? His best friends, Janice and Cady, are so obsessed with taking down the popular girls that the only way he can even get noticed is by making quips, and both of them take turns calling him “too gay to function.” Clearly they don’t appreciate his sparkling wit as much as they should.