Tiny Houses, Backyard Cottages, and Other Micro Dwellings

In the quest for simplicity and eco-friendly living, a tiny house movement has taken over. People are shrinking their living quarters to decrease their carbon footprint, get rid of the clutter, and live smaller and smarter. In other cases, micro houses provide the perfect intimate setting for a no-frills getaway. After spotting a few miniature dwellings during our Internet travels, we compiled a list of unique, itsy-bitsy backyard cottages, adorably dwarfed abodes, and other tiny homesteads. Click through our gallery to take a peek.

Photo credit: Sergio Gomez

Architect Manuel Villa designed a backyard habitable polyhedron in Bogota, Colombia. ArchDaily described the project as:

” … Inspired in the shape’s perception processes the children develop in their first years of life. The basic shapes of things and their differences are key elements in the development of knowledge, and specifically in acquiring reading skills and geometric basic concepts.”

It was intended for a family to share playtime, reading, and other activities — and later for the child to use for their own hobbies and interests.