Amazing Animal Sculptures Made of Shattered CDs

Now that music is increasingly stored on iPods and computer hard drives, and those who prefer physical recordings have mostly turned to superior-sounding vinyl, what are we supposed to do with all those CDs taking up space in our closets? You can’t really them anymore. Sure, we could throw them out, but considering how many we’ve acquired over the years, that seems awfully wasteful. Well, if you’re feeling crafty — and happen to be as talented as Sean Avery — why not shatter them and use the shards to create gorgeous animal sculptures? It turns out that the pointy pieces make perfect fur or feathers, and the CDs’ metallic sheen offers an automatic “ooh, ahh” factor. Click through to see some of Avery’s coolest pieces, and then visit his DeviantArt page for more.

Image credit: Sean Avery. Spotted via Colossal.