10 Truly Bizarre Museums Around the World

Las Vegas is now home to the Mob Museum. The cultural ode to organized crime opened its doors on February 14, marking the 83rd anniversary of Chicago’s St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Gang wars erupted in the Illinois state in 1929, leading to the murder of seven mob associates. Now you can learn about it all, up close and personal in Sin City — a place with its own history of mob ties. Exhibits include a revolver found at the site of the famous massacre and the barber chair, in which 1950’s mobster Albert Anastasia was assassinated. In order to keep things accurate, the museum staffs former FBI agents, former police officers, historians, and other experts. The Mob Museum isn’t the only offbeat institution, of course. We’ve found a few other bizarrely fascinating museums around the world that easily rival it. Find out what other exhibition spaces we raised our eyebrows at past the break. Tell us the places you’ve been to below.

Image credit: Leeds Castle

The Leeds Castle Dog Collar Museum

Leeds Castle offers visitors gorgeous English grounds to marvel at, but the luxurious looking fortress is also home to a Dog Collar Museum. It started accidentally, you could say, when Gertrude Hunt donated the first few collars in memory of her husband, John Hunt — one of Europe’s finest medievalists. The collection kept building over the years and now boasts more than 100 historical collars for pups.