Incredibly Gorgeous Polaroids of Famous Models Sans Makeup

If watching Ms. Tyra Banks pontificate her way through endless episodes of America’s Next Top Model has taught us anything, it’s that models don’t always photograph the way they look in real life. A girl who turns heads walking down the street can read total plain Jane when juxtaposed with a gorgeous creature who looks like an ugly alien when you see her face to face. But in rare cases, photo and model do match up — even, if you can believe it, when said model isn’t wearing a lick of makeup. These natural beauties are your Chanel Imans. Your Mirnada Kerrs. Heck, even your Cindy Crawfords. In celebration of yesterday’s conclusion of the craziness that was New York Fashion Week, we’ve decided to share some Polaroids snapped over the years by COACD casting director Douglas Perrett, that we spotted over on My Modern Met. Pulled from his personal collection, these images were just released in a limited-edition book called Wild Things that we think would look pretty fetching sitting on your coffee table. Click through our slideshow and see if you agree.

Rosie Huntinton-Whiteley. Photo credit: Douglas Perrett