TV Hook-Ups That Should Never Happen

Ever notice how few substantive scenes the two most attractive people on Mad Men share? Although they’ve spent years in the advertising industry together — and surely each knows a few of the other’s secrets — Don Draper and Joan Harris tend to keep their relationship to exchanged pleasantries and occasional secretary replacement. But it looks like that’s all about to change in Season 5. Last week, Jon Hamm suggested that we’d see more of Don and Joan in the coming episodes, telling an interviewer, “The Don/Joan dynamic is something that we do explore, and don’t take this the wrong way, but we do explore as the show goes on. They have worked together for a long time, they know one another very well and I’ll leave it at that.” So, as TV pundits are already debating, does this mean we’re in for yet another office romance? We hope not, and we’ll tell you why in our roundup of possible TV hook-ups that should never happen, after the jump.

Don Draper and Joan Harris, Mad Men

No one’s saying they wouldn’t look beautiful together. But Don and Joan have never had any chemistry, if you ask us. Perhaps it’s because she’s smart enough to know that his office affairs tend to end in crisis, and maybe he’s intimidated by her pragmatic, take-charge personality. Then there’s Joan’s ongoing saga with Roger Sterling. The bottom line is, they just don’t go together, and to try and throw them together would do a disservice to both characters.