A Selection of Awesome Interactive Music Videos

Once upon a time, there was a magical place called MTV where all the music videos would play and be merry. Indeed, those days are long gone, but the Internet isn’t such a bad replacement, eh? Where else could we view eerie footage of our childhood homes set to the tune of an Arcade Fire jam? Or submit a tweet to be featured in a Robyn video? These days, some of the most enjoyable music videos are interactive — the ones that take you on a delightful ride through a personalized audio-visual experience. Click through for a selection of interactive music videos by Cold War Kids, Broken Bells, Tanlines, and more, and hit the comments to let us know what you made OK Go spell with their bodies.

Arcade Fire — “We Used to Wait”

Click here for the interactive Arcade Fire music video

Arcade Fire’s interactive “We Used To Wait” music video uses Google Maps to channel our childhoods. It’s awesomely bizarre. Were we the only ones who secretly hoped it would end like this?