A Selection of Essential and Alternative Landscape Photographers

Today would have been Ansel Adams’ 110th birthday. Whoa! The famous photographer and environmentalist pioneered his own exposure and contrast system, and lugged a large-format camera across the American West to produce what are some of the most memorable natural landscapes in the history of photography. We’d like to give him a standing ovation by highlighting a few essential landscape photographers, as well as some evocative, alternative talents mining similar themes and scenes. Enjoy! Just don’t blame us if you’re suddenly struck with a violent bout of wanderlust or impassioned environmentalism.

Ansel Adams is most known for scenes like this — a landscape of splendid, humbling natural imagery, with little trace of man. Sure, they’re a common sight on wall calendars now, but in the early 1930s, Adams’ landscapes were quite trailblazing. Bow down before Mt. Mckinley, mortal!