The Morning’s Top 5 Cultural Stories

1. A frenzy of UK fans chasing Twilight star Robert Pattinson caused the actor to run into traffic and be clipped by a car. [via BBC]
2. Athens institution, old R.E.M. hang, and B-52s love shack the Georgia Theater went up in flames at 7am this morning. Early estimates indicate that major damage is likely. [via Gainesville Times]
3. CBS anchor Walter Cronkite has reportedly taken a turn for the worst. Sources indicate that he is “very ill.”  [via LA Times]
4. A $15 million house designed  by legendary architect Frank Llyod Wright is on the market, despite damage. [via Mercury News]
5. The father of American Idol star David Archuleta has been charged with soliciting a massage parlor prostitute. [via Daily News]