Famous Logos Cleverly Reimagined

We love these clever reimaginings of famous logos that Stock Logos created. The website looked at technology titans like Apple and Microsoft — and brand names like Starbucks and Gap — and put a humorous spin on their symbols with a minimalist twist. Did we mention the website imagines what the designs looked like in the past and future? Volkswagen was just starting to produce cars in 1939 when World War II broke out — which may explain the runic symbolism of Stock Logo’s earliest version. Nokia’s logo completely disappears by the time 2015 rolls around (sounds about right), Firefox’s future is a wash by 2050 — a sad end to its firebird beginnings, and IBM finally gets the “blue screen of death” in 2042. Check them all out past the break, and tell us which ones seem most accurate.

Image credit: Stock Logos [Spotted via Whudat]