Ranking the Best Picture Nominees According to Their Design Aesthetic

If you’re like us and doing the obligatory Oscar week movie-cramming in preparation for Hollywood’s big night, here’s something else to think about when considering your pick for Best Picture: the anthropological question of good taste. We took it upon ourselves to rank this year’s nominees according to their design aesthetic. Wikipedia defines aesthetics as the study of sensory or sensori-emotional values, sometimes called judgments of sentiment and taste. So, what films have it? What films don’t? Does it matter?

Click through to see how the nine nominees measured up, and let us know in the comments if you agree with us, or if you’re now questioning our good taste.

9. War Horse

Image credit: ninja romeo

Like everyone else we’re a little puzzled by this Black Stallion meets Lassie meets Little House on the Prairie meets 300 circa the Civil War by who we consider to be one of the living gods of filmmaking, Steven Spielberg. (Steven, what happened?)

From a design standpoint, we acknowledge the nice milk glass lamps throughout, and the tapestry hanging in Emilie’s room is kind of interesting, but let’s face it, the sappy pseudo-heritage thing is questionable, at best.