Actors Who Are Bigger Badasses Than the Characters They Play

You know how cool Xena: Warrior Princess is, with her armor and her circle boomerang? Well, although Xena is just a character, actress Lucy Lawless is very much a real person, and after hearing that she was recently arrested for her involvement in a Greenpeace protest, we were impressed by her courage. But she’s not the only actor who’s done some pretty amazing stuff to rival her famous character’s exploits, so in honor of Lucy’s criminal record, we’ve rounded up some of the most iconic thespians who’ve participated in the most awesomely absurd experiences imaginable. Seriously, why are these people in movies? There should be films made about them.

Lucy Lawless

So, why did Lawless get arrested, exactly? She and five other Greenpeace activists climbed onto an oil rig and camped out there to protest the drilling of oil in New Zealand. Did we mention that their spot on the tower was 174 feet above the ground, and that they were constantly in danger of falling off due to unexpected wind gusts? Wow. Let’s hope she had Gabrielle up there to keep her warm.