Your Must-See Cheat Sheet for the Whitney Biennial 2012

So, you’d like to go to the Whitney Biennial, but you’re short on time. You’re not sure if you’ll be able to make the performances, you’re not sure what to see, but you’re still overwhelmed with a desire to art yourself with… say, delicate, Eastern European animation-inspired sculptures, or visit an artist who’s set up her hoarder-rific studio in the museum for three months. Let’s do it. Here are some of (subjective) highlights of the Biennial from yesterday’s press preview, things you’ll definitely want to check out, even on a tight schedule.

Artist Dawn Kasper has moved into the third floor galleries for a three-month-long performance piece THIS COULD BE SOMETHING IF I LET IT. As part of her Nomadic Studio Practice Experiment, her entire studio and most of her bedroom has made it here — a bed, theater props, record players, movie projections, and art supplies, which may or may not include sterilization and self-tattoo equipment. She’ll be here every museum day, creating art, doing studio visits. Will it get GG Allin-esque? Come and see.

Photo credit: Marina Galperina for Flavorwire

Photo credit: Marina Galperina for Flavorwire


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