A Field Guide to Recognizing 21st-Century Subcultural Tribes

You know you’re not a teenager anymore when you can walk down a city street and be entirely baffled by the costumes of the subcultural tribes you pass. What, for example, do you call a woman with bright green and purple dreadlocks who wears eight-inch platform boots and a gas mask as an accessory? Or a mustachioed fellow in Victorian garb who can’t decide between a monocle and a pair of goggles? When we spot a guy in black-and-white face paint and leather armor carrying a fancily embellished axe, should we ask him for some music recommendations or run the other way? Thankfully, Rob Dobi has all the answers at a website called Your Scene Sucks, which features annotated portraits of groups ranging from Juggalos to the “Apple Store Indie” crowd. Click through for some of our favorites from the site, then be sure to visit Your Scene Sucks to see the rest. If you’re especially amused, you can own the pictures in book form.

Image credit: Your Scene Sucks. Spotted via Thaeger.