10 Musicians Who Also Create Comics

While we wait to see if a new biopic about outsider singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston will ever come to light, the eccentric artist has tapped into his love of comics to give us something to devour in the meantime. The Beat recently shared that Johnston’s first graphic novel, Space Ducks: An Infinite Comic Book of Musical Greatness, will be launching at Austin’s South by Southwest festival next month — featuring a companion soundtrack and drawings by Daniel. There’s also an app that takes readers inside his world of ducks and devils, features games, surprise voice appearances, animations from the comic book, links to buy merch, Easter eggs, and contributions from Johnston’s critically-acclaimed musician pals. “The app will also debut Daniel Johnston’s first new album since 2009.”

Before you get too antsy for Space Ducks — which ships this summer — check out other musicians who dabble in the graphic novel universe. Many, like Johnston, have released albums to coincide with their 2D works, and others are content to simply play author. Let us know if there’s anyone you enjoy that we didn’t include.


Courtney Taylor-Taylor’s One Model Nation 

We recently shared a few of Dandy Warhols’ frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor’s favorite graphic novels in celebration of the musician’s release of his own book, One Model Nation. The historical fiction tale about a Kraftwerk-inspired band in Berlin during the 1970s involves a mysterious Baader-Meinhof Group-type plot that finds the group accused of the guerrilla attacks happening around the city. Taylor-Taylor also released the album Totalwerks, which will make you want to drag out your Man-Machine LP for the full El Lissitzky effect.