A Selection of Glorious Songs About Facial Hair

Earlier in the week we celebrated the release of the new Dirty Three album by surveying a selection of artists who’ve been in two or more great bands simultaneously. But on a lighter note, as well as his membership of the Dirty Three, Grinderman, and the Bad Seeds, Warren Ellis is also known for his biblically foreboding facial hair. The untamed nature of Ellis’ beard — he once told our friends at the Quietus that beard trims were “incredibly dangerous” — is legendary, and worthy of awestruck respect. So to celebrate the arrival of Toward the Low Sun, here’s a brief selection of songs that celebrate the terrifying lows and dizzying highs of possessing facial hair.

The Beards — “You Should Consider Having Sex With a Bearded Man”

Like Ellis, The Beards are from Australia, and they’re best known for, yes, their beards. This song is a manifesto of sorts, and a hilarious one at that, sung with hirsute gusto and with tongue planted firmly in (bearded) cheek. And then, of course, there’s the glorious (and vaguely NSFW) “Smack My Bitch Up”-style video…