10 New Must-Reads for March

Though winter (at least in New York City) has been relatively easy on us, we still can’t escape the dreariness of this time of year — when it feels like the cold has been beating on our doors and noses forever, and that it will never stop. In weeks like these, we need something to distract us from the fact that it’s still winter, and obviously the best distraction is a wonderful, immersive book to give you that final boost before spring. Our must-reads for this month include short story collections by the legendary, brand-new, and somewhere in-between, a long awaited follow-up or two, and a graphic re-imagining of Goliath as an admin junkie. Click through to check out the books that get us pumped for this month, cold or nay, and let us know which books you’re most excited to pick up in the comments!

Goliath, Tom Gauld (February 28)

We know, we know, we’re cheating a little: this came out in February. But it just barely came out in February, and we loved it so much that we thought we’d do everyone a favor and include it here. This is essentially a graphic short story — a re-imagining of the David and Goliath myth, where Goliath is a peaceful, reticent soldier who’d really rather be doing admin work up at the camp, not down in some valley shouting out challenges. Gauld’s stripped-down drawings, all boulders and blank faces, are perfect for his bittersweet tale, and the book itself is a lovely addition to any shelf.