Surprising Photos of Metalheads from Around the World

Especially in the 21st century, music is a lingua franca, transcending ethnic, religious, and cultural barriers to unite vastly different people from all over the world. For no genre is that more true than metal, whose adherents range from suburban American teenagers to Scandinavian black metal fanatics to Latin American rockers to Japanese noise worshipers. German photographer Jörg Brüggemann documents many of these subcultures in his forthcoming book Metalheads: The Global Brotherhood, for which he spent three years traveling to nations as diverse as Egypt, Austria, Brazil, and Indonesia, and Switzerland, discovering many metal lovers who don’t quite fit the popular stereotype. We’ve collected some of our favorite shots, from veiled Muslim teens throwing the devil horns to Dio’s youngest superfan, after the jump. Those about to rock can visit Brüggemann’s website to see more.

Photo credit: Jörg Brüggemann. Spotted via We Heart.