Tiny Libraries, DIY Reading Rooms, and Other Micro Book Depots

We aren’t shy about sharing our love for books — and all the amazing places they are housed — around here. You visited some of the most beautiful college libraries in the world with us, we told you about our favorite bookstores — and highlighted your picks — plus much more. We wanted to venture into DIY territory and visit some of the tiniest — but gutsiest — libraries around the world. These are unusual places where lit lovers ventured to create a mini community athenaeum, and guerrilla librarians have set up camp in the face of budget cuts and closing institutions. Each micro library’s aim is different, but whether they’re promoting independent/alternative presses, or simply trying to encourage reading, these plucky, little libraries deserve your attention. Tell us your faves, and as always, drop us a line with the ones we may have missed in the comments below.


The Book Booth

The Clinton Community Library in New York has created the Book Booth — a re-purposed, vintage, English model K8 telephone box that now exists as a community book exchange. It even lights up at night! Creators encourage “readcycling” and like most micro libraries, request that if you take a book you leave one as well. When asked during a recent interview how many people could fit inside the micro reading room, creator Claudio Cooley advised, “Five desperate L.A. housewives, or two fat and happy country wives.”