The Most Racially Stereotyped Characters on TV Right Now

It’s great that television writers and producers are slowly making pop culture more diverse, but that doesn’t mean every non-white character on TV represents a step forward. Some programs seem to do nothing but pump racial stereotypes into the public sphere, which is just really disappointing in 2012. From geeky and pathetic Asian characters to a biracial genie who’s literally an object in a white lady’s house, our top picks after the jump. Let us know about any other questionable depictions that have been bugging you in the comments.

Han Lee, 2 Broke Girls

In the most recent episode of this new CBS sitcom, Beth Behrs kisses an incredibly hot Asian man, played by Tim Chiou. This is all well and good, but the reason the show even hired a “hot Asian guy” to begin with (and they were looking specifically for someone Asian, because that’s exactly what it said on the call sheet) is because of all the flack they’ve gotten for the extremely racist portrayal of their other Asian character, Han, who’s shown to be desperate, out of touch, and pathetic, and speaks very broken English. Sorry, guys — one cool Asian doesn’t cancel out a season’s worth of stereotypes.