Quirky Photos of a Costumed Baby Trying Out Different Professions

Here’s an adorable baby dressed as a butcher, a ballerina, and a Mexican wrestler, because you never really know. Que Sera, Sera, indeed. Paris-based photographer Malo costumes a little one in grown-up garb for the series Un jour, mon enfant tu seras or One Day, You Will Be, My Child, spotted by My Modern Met, with amazing results; albeit, it’s a bit of a minefield. Maybe the sensitive parents will be offended by the prop blood splattered on the wee one’s butcher smock? Perhaps some might cry sacrilege at the baby Pope Hat? We admit that seeing a little baby dressed up as a soldier is unsettling. Yet, this is a great little project, gender-neutrality, kitsch, light controversy and all. Enjoy!

Photo credit: Malo