A Selection of Delicious Pop Culture Cookies

All the cookie art that’s been flying around the web recently has made us feel a little hungry. And since our favorite time to eat cookies (or any other junk food for that matter) is while we’re also enjoying some pop culture in one of its many forms, why not combine the two? After all, it can only improve a cookie to put Ron Swanson or Bruce Springsteen or David Bowie on it, right? If you love them, you can savor the added sweetness of a tribute to your favorite icon, and if you hate them, well, you can chomp their heads off. Click through to see our roundup of pop culture cookies we’d love to dip in a huge glass of milk, and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments.

Ron Swanson Cookies by Whipped Bakeshop. In case they’re out of bacon and eggs.