Pop Culture Icons Who Are Also Occasional Nudists

Here at Flavorpill, we’re all for being confident in your own skin, but we’ve noticed that several pop culture icons have been known to be a little more confident than your average bear. In America, where nude beaches are uncommon and the ’60s are over, we tend to think of nudists — or naturists, as they often call themselves — as a very small and out-there minority. However, many of our most famous and influential icons have dabbled in naturism over the years, from Benjamin Franklin to Dame Helen Mirren, so maybe it’s time to give the movement a little more thought. Or maybe not — we just bought a new sweater — but it’s still fun to think about. Click through to read our list of famous nudists, and let us know if you feel inspired to follow in their footsteps in the comments.

Dame Helen Mirren

We’ve always known that Helen Mirren wasn’t afraid to take her clothes off and show that you can be sexy at any age (the lady has appeared nude in films in 6 different decades), but we didn’t know it was official. In 2004, British Naturism awarded Mirren with the “Naturist of the Year” award. Of the honor, she said, “Many thanks to British Naturism for this great honour. I do believe in naturism and am my happiest on a nude beach with people of all ages and races!”