Roberto Salvador’s Incredibly Adorable Screaming Heroes

Can you imagine if you had to spend your days pretending to be an insipid billionaire playboy when all you really cared about was fighting crime in the streets of Gotham City and avenging your parents’ deaths? What if you were a sarcastic, lone-wolf smuggler who got suckered into helping a group of crazy young rebels fight the Galactic Empire only to end up sealed away in carbonite? How would you react if you discovered that as a baby demon you were summoned to earth from the depths of hell by a group of Nazi occultists?

We think Roberto Salvador’s Screaming Heroes series, spotted over on Design You Trust, about sums things up. As the Brussels-based graphic designer explains it, “They’re fed up of saving the world, they’re angry, they’re screaming their guts out.” Click through to see a selection of his extremely frustrated pop culture heroes.

Screaming Batman, $16 from Society 6