An A-Z Guide to Nordic Design

After such a great response to our first A-Z Design Guide, we thought we’d make it a regular fixture in the Flavorwire feed. This week’s post is inspired by one of our favorite Tumblr’s of the moment: Stiknord. An ongoing project started by the Kolding School of Design in Denmark, they wanted to build “a collection of texts and imagery dedicated to the aesthetics of the North to ease the often repetitive, time and money consuming process of constructing tactile inspirational material for each and every project.” Yup, that’s why we use Tumblr too.

From King Frederik’s trend-setting tattoo aesthetic to art pottery to the most stunning chairs ever made, click through to check out our offbeat guide to the original antler worshipping design culture.

Arne Jacobsen

The town hall in Aarnus, Denmark. Image credit: Tectonica